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Mixed Logs

Mixed Logs

Our mixed Logs are air dried for up to a year and are ideal for open fires and log burners and wood fired boilers.

Mixed logs are great for an even burning hot fire with good longevity. Its great fun identifying the different types of wood and adapting them to how you manage your fire. Softwood species are perfect for getting your fire going quickly and up to temperature. Adding in hardwoods will help the fire burn slowly but maintain a lot of heat. As the fire burns down more softwood could be added to bring your fire back to life.

In your order you will find typical British woodland species such as oak, beech, ash and hornbeam. With conifer species such as; pine, Norway spruce and Western hemlock. 
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***Logs are delivered as a loose load. Image is for illustration purpose only ***

2 Cubic Metre£150.00
3 Cubic Metres£220.00

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