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Bags of Kindling Bags of Kindling Kindling

Our kindling is air dried once processed, creating some of the best natural and sustainable fire lighting sticks available.

Our kindling is processed and bagged using the latest kindling equipment from Posch. Once bagged our kindling is stacked and air dried in ventilated barn storage.

In your order you will find kindling from conifer species such as; Scots pine, and Western hemlock. These species have been hand cut by us as either thinnings from managed timber stands or from areas where re establishment of our native trees is being undertaken.

We offer Free Delivery on all our wood products.

Please Note we only deliver within Kent and Sussex . Please visit our Delivery Page to see if you are located in our catchment area.

5 bags£20.00
10 bags£35.00
15 Bags£45.00

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