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Logstack is a small rural business located in the heart of Sussex. We produce firewood and kindling products for the home fireplace, wood burner and woodfuel boilers. Logstack is the sister company of Scott Fraser Training LTD.

Our produce is sourced from sustainably managed woodlands of Sussex and Kent. We have been managing woodlands and trees for over 20 years and are committed to the success and longevity of our local woodlands by using traditional timber management techniques that enhance wildlife biodiversity. You can read more about our sustainability promise in the Sustainability section. 

Our wood products are hand cut by us and air-dried for up to a year, assuring that our customers receive high quality seasoned fuel. We use several methods for splitting our firewood and kindling. Much of our wood is still split by hand using an axe, as this is quick and efficient method for coppice material such as ash and sweet chestnut. For knotty material we use a hydraulic log splitter and for small diameter long poles we have a top of the range firewood processor. Our kindling is graded from softwood conifer species and produced by our manned kindling machine.

Logstack pride our selves in producing quality woodfuel and delivering it direct to our customers. We only deliver to certain Kent and Sussex areas within our geographical range. Our delivery service is personal and we like to build solid relations with our customers. Delivering locally reduces our carbon footprint and encourages similar small businesses around us. Please see our delivery page for more information.