Woodlands and trees are a critical part of our rural and urban landscape. Ancient woodlands of the southeast are an important habitat that supports diverse wildlife.

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Buy Local

All our firewood comes from woodlands in East Sussex and West Kent, predominately managed by us over a long period of time with Forestry Commission approved management plans and felling licenses. This minimises transport costs, with most not involving intermediate road haulage.

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Log splitting and stacking

Log spliting and stacking

Wood does not conduct heat well, and considering the optimum size for efficient combustion often means the logs must be split, along the grain using hydraulic splitters either stand alone or integrated into the firewood processor.

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My first log yard.......early 1990s

Here is where it all began, near Heathfield in the early 1990s. My first wood yard was borrowed from a trackside field and grew to the size you can see in the photo, where it is quite well stocked.

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Welcome to Logstack

If your looking for high quality firewood and kindling you've come to the right place. Here at Logstack we are passionate about woodfuel, and not just the final product but the whole process, from growing trees and managing woodland right to your door and fireplace! Our customers range from individuals ordering a load per year to those taking a load a week, as well as trade clients for wholesale kindling. 

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